Monday, 14 July 2014

50 shades - the results

Finishing ends, garment making, stitching strips and creating barge ware in fabric all happened today as well as 50 Shades Revisited.
The results of todays challenge:



The next challenge is to think about how to quilt pieces like this............

We also discussed what we'd like to do over the next few months:

August (3rd Monday not 2nd) - review of FOQ, bring judges comments if you have any; show and tell and quilt 50 shades; own work.

September (back to 2nd Monday) - art work to quick book cover.

October - drawing to free machine stitching.

November - painting.

December - own work.

See you all at FOQ................

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Updated details for Mon 14th July

50 Shades – revisited! Monday 14th July 2014
(aka ‘Design with intent’)
This exercise is to remind you about the basics of design with some random elements to take away your control.
The original idea to use shades of grey means that you do not have to think about colour but instead concentrate on design choices. It is your decision whether you choose shades of grey or a colour. It may depend on whether you have done this exercise before.
For this session you will need a split personality! You will be 3 people at the same time, therefore producing 3 pieces of work.
Fabrics: You will need to make a decision – grey or a colour….
Either GREY
3x 10”x18” in grey, a self patterned fabric (one for each of your personalities! But not too similar)
scraps/offcuts, variety is good – black/white, white/black, black/ grey, white/grey
accent colours – your choice, use the same accent colour or a different one for each personality
3x 10”x18” in a colour, a self patterned fabric (one for each of your personalities!)
scraps/offcuts, variety is good – all with your colour as the main colour
accent colours – your choice, use the same accent colour or a different one for each personality
It may help to separate each personality’s fabric into a bag
and label 1, 2 and 3 before you start to prevent confusion.
Machine thread to work with your fabrics
Fusible of your choice
Sewing machine kit
Sewing Kit - rotary cutter and cutting mat, notebook
Protective sheet to use with fusible and iron
Iron and board

FYI: Elements and Principles of Design
Elements: the nuts and bolts used to create a design.
  • line, texture, shape, scale/proportion, tone or value, colour.
Principals: are the rules to guide successful combining of elements.
  • focal point, balance, symmetry/asymmetry, repetition, rhythm,

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fifty Shades - going a step further!

The next meeting of the group will be on Monday 14th July at Kislingbury Village Hall.
Following the successful session of Fifty Shades using greys and a zinger in groups we have decided to try the technique with a limited colour palette and for each of us to create three. Working on our own, making our own choices of fabrics and contrasts.
It has been suggested that we work with rectangles of approximately 8" x 15" and choose a range of colours to work in.
So........ We will need:
Sewing kit
Cutting mat, ruler and cutter
A selection of fabrics ( such as bluesy greens plus a zinger, yellows oranges and a purple etc)
The cards determining what to do each round will be provided .

Watch this space for an update of additional information in the week before the meeting.