Wednesday, 14 June 2017

New work

We are preparing to make work for an exhibition next year. This group project is for completion March '18

Our Theme is: "Post War Architecture"


A  40" drop (102cm) is required for all pieces

There is a 30" width as a maximum

Our inspiration needs to be a building or buildings within 50 miles of the makers residence it has to be new work

We are NOT restricted to one piece,  it  can be can be subdivided as long as the overall length remains at 40" and width at 30". Any techniques can be used.

We are asked to produce a workbook alongside the making and a handling sample will be needed of 8 x 10" portrait.

Each meeting will have a catch up session for us to share progress.

Hope that these will be shown at Utoxeter, in the British Quilt and Stitch village in  March ‘18 and possibly at an ICHF show in Birmingham later.

Here are some photos of the the early design work just getting underway.