Friday, 13 February 2015

Screen printing in March

Our next session is 'Screen printing' - a favourite and another
messy session.


Screens - with resists, including thermofax
              - without resists and preferred resist making materials
Preferred print mediums - thickened dyes, acrylics, fabric medium
Fabric - treated appropriately if necessary, dyed
Materials/equipment for keeping your workspace clean, eg plastic sheet or newspaper to put your work on to dry and doing a final clean up.
Hairdryer - if you want to hurry any drying
Think about getting wet work and equipment home.

Looking forward to having fun..........................

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Paste Grain Papers - the results!

Thanks to Sally for a brilliant day and for providing the raw materials for our day. It was a chance to play with a new technique and see its potential. 

Materials assenbled. Rice flour paste, potato starch paste and gram flour paste available for us to try.

Acrylic paint is mixed into a pit of paste.

A fabulous space for us all to work in. Below are examples of work in progress.

Now we have to consider how we make best use of these lovely papers.