Monday, 9 May 2016

Today - making marks and self portraits

A fun day today. Thank you Linda.
Sorry - forgot to take photos.
There was lots of silence - concentration.
Plus lots of laughter - evaluating the results.

Next session....
The challenge is to develop a self portrait into textiles.

For those who missed today and who are going to be there in June,
come prepared to do a quick self portrait - not scary, loads of fun.
Then follow up with developing your self portrait into textiles.

More information nearer to the June session.

Thanks again for today Linda.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Monday 9th May 2016

This is what we will need for our Mark Making and self portraits with Linda:

Sketch pad A4 for the first studies in mark making and A3 would be easier for the self portrait , or sheets of paper .
Charcoal in pencil or stick form , thick and thin ,
Any coloured pencils , oil pastels felt pens or other mark making tools you have and would like to try out .
Wipes to clean hands after charcoal .
A few sheets of newspaper or cover for table .

As there are so few of us next meeting , if anyone has any other experimental drawing ideas , please share . The cost will probably be £7.

Looking forward to seeing you there................

Monday, 4 April 2016

Weedon Bec Group Exhibition Saturday 30th April

Our 'Journey' quilts will be shown at our exhibition on Saturday 30th April from 1000 to 1600 at Kislingbury Village Hall, Ashby Court, Kislingbury, Northants NN7 4JE
Here is the poster for it.

Meeting on April 11th

Our next meeting is on Monday 11th April.

Thanks to Chris for her article in the CQ magazine about the group with mention of the exhibition and it's also in the "diary" section.
Can I ask for the following please?
1. To take your work away with me on Monday so that I have it ready for hanging on Friday 29th
2. If you are submitting a piece can you let me have your £5 contribution to the exhibition costs. We need a couple of volunteers to help hang the work on Friday 29th from 1500.
3. I will also need to know who is collecting work at the end of the exhibition on Saturday 30th and who will need it collection and storing until the next meeting.
4. I will be in Scotland for the meeting in May and in France for the June meeting so I am not the best person to to taking quilts away at the end of the exhibition. Can anyone else volunteer to do this please?
5. I will have a rota for stewarding and for the tea shop please let me know which slots you can help with.
6. Sue and I have worked out a scheme for hanging the pieces you have told me about and we have now filled the stands that we have room for.
7. At the meeting we need to discuss what we want to be doing over the next few months now that the exhibition will be over.
8. We also need to think about another input day in the autumn with seed funding from CQ. I looked at And talked to Amanda Hislop at NEC and she would be happy to put a design day together on a theme of our choice ( ). I know others have suggestions to make too.
9. We spent up the kitty at the last meeting so this month we will need to charge £7.

Monday, 22 February 2016

March meeting - Monday 14th

This is another session when we can work on pieces for the Threaded Together Exhibition at Kislingbury on Saturday 30th April. We need to start planning how we will be hanging our work so can you bring your piece, at whatever stage it is at so that we can get measurements and an idea of how to show them to best effect.
Completed pieces should be brought to the April meeting so they can be hung on the day before the exhibition. A stewarding root will be available at our next two meetings and details of refreshments, cakes etc.
Looking forward to seeing you all.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

February meeting

Our next meeting is Monday 8th February.
We will again be working on items for our Exhibition on Saturday 30th April, with the theme "Journey " or anything of our own that you are in the middle of.
Detailed discussion of hanging the exhibition and stewarding the day will take place over lunch. Please bring your diaries.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Subject Futures week at Northampton University

We have had a successful day at the Avenue Campus with an exhibition of our work and bringing home our current stitching project with us to demonstrate and talk about. Thanks for the seven who waved the flag for CQ and our group.
Here are a couple of photos taken at the event.

We included a wide a variety of members' work as we could.

Journal Quilts were very well represented too.

Members brought their current work to show and talk about.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Subject Futures Week at Northampton University

We have been invited to take part in Northampton University's "Subject Futures Week- Making the Future" on Tuesday 26th January. It's a great opportunity to showcase what the group do and demonstrate to today's students that skills that they are developing can be enjoyed over their lifetime even when not actively a part of earning a crust.
We will put up a small exhibition and a group of us will be stitching all day with on the spot demos of what we are doing if anyone wants more information.
We have a short hand out about the group and flyers for CQ as well.
We'll post photos of the event next week.

                                         The Weedon Bec Creative Textiles Group

We are mostly members of Contemporary Quilt, one of the Quilters Guild specialist groups, but we welcome all who wish to extend their skills and share their expertise in the textile art field.

We meet on the second Monday of each month in nearby Kislingbury as a mutual support and self-tutoring group. 

Our members all have different specialist skills and approaches to design and contemporary quilt making, some approach the creative process from an art base and from an experiential perspective; each producing very different and varied 2 and 3D textiles ranging from traditional bed quilts to art textiles and wall art.

Our members say they value participation in the group because it is:
Energetic and provides a forum for talented creative textile artists to share ideas.

For more details about the group see or
contact Sarah Showers. or 07837638228

Sunday, 10 January 2016

January 2016

Meeting is on January 11th.
It's a sharing lunch and a chance to continue working on our pieces for an exhibition in April.
We will also use this session to plan an exhibit and demonstration at Northampton University Faculty of Arts on Janurary 26th.
Details of this to be posted after our 11th meeting.