Thursday, 12 November 2015

Follow up and future sessions

Sorry no photos yet of the continuing work from our Gillian Travis
day in October. Some really interesting pieces coming through.
Can't wait to see how they progress.
Over lunch we made decisions about the next few sessions.

December - bring your own work. As a few people will be missing
our seasonal lunch will happen in January.

January, February, March, April - are dedicated to our 'Journey' work
for exhibition at the end of April. We will spend some of the time
planning our exhibit and bringing it together ready to hang.

See you all soon.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Design day with Gillian Travis

Wow! Wonderfully creative and inspiring day, thanks to Gillian for kickstarting us on a different journey.
As you can see from these photos of work in progress, we had a lovely time!

Just a reminder that at our November meeting we will be continuing to work on these and progressing our own response to Gillian's input.
Thanks to Ann for Cake and Milk, Sue for lovely Corn bread and Lemon Drizzle cake.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Wednesday 21st October

Something to look forward to...............

Wednesday 21st October 2015
'Interchange Applique' with Gillian Travis


Design Work:
An image with a simple shape.
Coloured paper - make sure it is contrasting colours
Glue stick eg Pritt or similar
Paper scissors
Sketch book

Fabric Samples:
Bondaweb - Transfer adhesive
Fabric scissors
Batik fabrics or similar weight cotton fabric, in bright and contrasting
colours and not too patterned.
Backing fabric eg. light weight white or cream cotton.
505 spray - a temporary adhesive spray, useful but not essential.

Rotary cutter, cutting board, ruler.
Irons and boards will be provided.

We have the hall from 9am until 4pm. We need to set up tables, etc so
that we can start promptly 10am.

Don't forget your lunch!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 21st.

Cut and Stretch

Thanks to Yvonne for a great design exercise.
We  'Cut and Stretched' today producing some interesting results.
You can tell those who had done this before because they knew
where they could interpret the instructions in their own way.
Something to try next time.........


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Monday 12th October

Our next session is 'Cut and Stretch' - a design exercise.
No room for procrastinating.  

Herewith the needs list for the ‘Cut and Stretch’ process which we shall attempt on Oct. 12th.


cutting equipment
sewing machine and sewing equipment
4 pieces of fabric – 3 toning, one contrast, about A4 size
(you may like to paint or stencil your fabric before you begin)
machine threads mainly to match the fabrics – some contrasts could bring the piece alive
threads in the same colourway for hand stitching – if you wish to hand stitch
small pointed embroidery scissors – for cutting out small fabric shapes

Please will people who have done this before bring their pieces; but we shall not be seeing them till the end of the meeting.

Many thanks


Monday, 14 September 2015

Naive drawings

A pre school group takes place at the same time across the hall from us.
They very kindly supplied us with some drawings to use today for our
drawing to stitch session.
We used transfer crayons, fused applique and free machine stitching
to re-create the drawings.


Thank you, Sally, for an interesting day.
Hope you all got home safely.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

September session

Naïve Textile Pictures.
Drawings and paintings made by young children have a wonderful naivety about them that is almost impossible to create by the hand of an adult. Not having experienced the world for too many years , children see things through immature eyes – however this does not mean their renderings are not of any value – quite the opposite in fact especially to anyone related to the little cherub !

Often made on cheap paper, stuck on the fridge for a while and then eventually discarded (because another one quickly appears) these charming and unique pictures can become a treasure when you make them in a more permanent form. Copied and stitched on to fabric they will become a true replica and reminder of the child’s view of the world.

Circles that have corners, jagged jerky edges, colouring outside the line, things not to scale, all characteristics showing in a drawn image. Remember they are not perfect so you do not need to be perfect. Stay true to the drawing, see it and create it through a child’s eyes. Have fun.
Here is what you need for the workshop.    Work will be A4 size 11” x 9”approx. and you will probably complete several pieces.

·         Children’s drawings or paintings.

·         Calico / Egyptian cotton or plain fabric.

·         Wadding &  Backing.

·         Threads – black or dark colour for outlining. Coloured and variegated threads.

·         Bondaweb is useful.  Transfer crayons if you have them. A4 mounts are great to finish your work but not essential at this point.

·         Small tiny scraps of patterned fabrics ( although I will bring a bag full)

·         You will need your machine with your darning foot as we will be doing free motion work.

·         General sewing kit.

             See you on the 14th Sept.

Sally Hutson

Monday, 8 June 2015

Change of plan

Another productive day thanks to Sally.
Sadly no photos at the moment of any 'mish mashes'.

Next month (July) there is a change of plan.
We are going to tackle 'photos'.
Taking photos of work, making the most of your photos and
manipulating them using image editing facilities on your laptop or PC.
It will be an opportunity to share and learn good practice.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Coming up

Good to see you all today.

Coming up in the next few months:

June            - Abstract design using mixed fabrics with architecture as the inspiration.
July             - 'Flower power'.
August        - Own work,  FOQ de-brief, plan for The BTS.
September  - Naïve stitch.
October      - 'Cut and stretch'.
Wednesday 21st October - Gillian Travis workshop.
November  - Follow up to Gillian Travis workshop.

Lots to look forward to.......................

Monday, 13 April 2015

Cloth for Art pt. 2

Here are the photos from Monday's excellent collaborating to produce  five Art Cloths.
We started with  five hand dyed lengths of fabric, three of which are below.

We then worked in pairs  taking twenty minutes to add marks to one of the cloths.

At this point we all moved on the the next cloth for a further twenty minutes.

Round three meant that we moved on again to the next cloth.

A final round :

We then returned to the cloths we started with and which we would take a section of away to work on to add anything else we wanted or just contemplate "what next..."