Sunday, 30 August 2015

September session

Naïve Textile Pictures.
Drawings and paintings made by young children have a wonderful naivety about them that is almost impossible to create by the hand of an adult. Not having experienced the world for too many years , children see things through immature eyes – however this does not mean their renderings are not of any value – quite the opposite in fact especially to anyone related to the little cherub !

Often made on cheap paper, stuck on the fridge for a while and then eventually discarded (because another one quickly appears) these charming and unique pictures can become a treasure when you make them in a more permanent form. Copied and stitched on to fabric they will become a true replica and reminder of the child’s view of the world.

Circles that have corners, jagged jerky edges, colouring outside the line, things not to scale, all characteristics showing in a drawn image. Remember they are not perfect so you do not need to be perfect. Stay true to the drawing, see it and create it through a child’s eyes. Have fun.
Here is what you need for the workshop.    Work will be A4 size 11” x 9”approx. and you will probably complete several pieces.

·         Children’s drawings or paintings.

·         Calico / Egyptian cotton or plain fabric.

·         Wadding &  Backing.

·         Threads – black or dark colour for outlining. Coloured and variegated threads.

·         Bondaweb is useful.  Transfer crayons if you have them. A4 mounts are great to finish your work but not essential at this point.

·         Small tiny scraps of patterned fabrics ( although I will bring a bag full)

·         You will need your machine with your darning foot as we will be doing free motion work.

·         General sewing kit.

             See you on the 14th Sept.

Sally Hutson

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