Monday, 4 April 2016

Weedon Bec Group Exhibition Saturday 30th April

Our 'Journey' quilts will be shown at our exhibition on Saturday 30th April from 1000 to 1600 at Kislingbury Village Hall, Ashby Court, Kislingbury, Northants NN7 4JE
Here is the poster for it.

Meeting on April 11th

Our next meeting is on Monday 11th April.

Thanks to Chris for her article in the CQ magazine about the group with mention of the exhibition and it's also in the "diary" section.
Can I ask for the following please?
1. To take your work away with me on Monday so that I have it ready for hanging on Friday 29th
2. If you are submitting a piece can you let me have your £5 contribution to the exhibition costs. We need a couple of volunteers to help hang the work on Friday 29th from 1500.
3. I will also need to know who is collecting work at the end of the exhibition on Saturday 30th and who will need it collection and storing until the next meeting.
4. I will be in Scotland for the meeting in May and in France for the June meeting so I am not the best person to to taking quilts away at the end of the exhibition. Can anyone else volunteer to do this please?
5. I will have a rota for stewarding and for the tea shop please let me know which slots you can help with.
6. Sue and I have worked out a scheme for hanging the pieces you have told me about and we have now filled the stands that we have room for.
7. At the meeting we need to discuss what we want to be doing over the next few months now that the exhibition will be over.
8. We also need to think about another input day in the autumn with seed funding from CQ. I looked at And talked to Amanda Hislop at NEC and she would be happy to put a design day together on a theme of our choice ( ). I know others have suggestions to make too.
9. We spent up the kitty at the last meeting so this month we will need to charge £7.