Monday, 13 April 2015

Cloth for Art pt. 2

Here are the photos from Monday's excellent collaborating to produce  five Art Cloths.
We started with  five hand dyed lengths of fabric, three of which are below.

We then worked in pairs  taking twenty minutes to add marks to one of the cloths.

At this point we all moved on the the next cloth for a further twenty minutes.

Round three meant that we moved on again to the next cloth.

A final round :

We then returned to the cloths we started with and which we would take a section of away to work on to add anything else we wanted or just contemplate "what next..."

Cloth for Art

If you want to make your own screens you need 43T mesh.
A good supplier is Hunt the Moon - scroll down and click on the image,
where you see 'mesh count' click and scroll down to find 43T, click to 
select to view price.

May - using the Cloth for Art produced today.
June - Abstract design using mixed fabrics.