Sunday, 4 October 2015

Monday 12th October

Our next session is 'Cut and Stretch' - a design exercise.
No room for procrastinating.  

Herewith the needs list for the ‘Cut and Stretch’ process which we shall attempt on Oct. 12th.


cutting equipment
sewing machine and sewing equipment
4 pieces of fabric – 3 toning, one contrast, about A4 size
(you may like to paint or stencil your fabric before you begin)
machine threads mainly to match the fabrics – some contrasts could bring the piece alive
threads in the same colourway for hand stitching – if you wish to hand stitch
small pointed embroidery scissors – for cutting out small fabric shapes

Please will people who have done this before bring their pieces; but we shall not be seeing them till the end of the meeting.

Many thanks


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