Sunday, 24 January 2016

Subject Futures Week at Northampton University

We have been invited to take part in Northampton University's "Subject Futures Week- Making the Future" on Tuesday 26th January. It's a great opportunity to showcase what the group do and demonstrate to today's students that skills that they are developing can be enjoyed over their lifetime even when not actively a part of earning a crust.
We will put up a small exhibition and a group of us will be stitching all day with on the spot demos of what we are doing if anyone wants more information.
We have a short hand out about the group and flyers for CQ as well.
We'll post photos of the event next week.

                                         The Weedon Bec Creative Textiles Group

We are mostly members of Contemporary Quilt, one of the Quilters Guild specialist groups, but we welcome all who wish to extend their skills and share their expertise in the textile art field.

We meet on the second Monday of each month in nearby Kislingbury as a mutual support and self-tutoring group. 

Our members all have different specialist skills and approaches to design and contemporary quilt making, some approach the creative process from an art base and from an experiential perspective; each producing very different and varied 2 and 3D textiles ranging from traditional bed quilts to art textiles and wall art.

Our members say they value participation in the group because it is:
Energetic and provides a forum for talented creative textile artists to share ideas.

For more details about the group see or
contact Sarah Showers. or 07837638228

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