Friday, 23 August 2013

Abstract quilts

Following on from the brilliant  play day I have created a couple of quilted pieces.
The first one is from a grid one that I did - I extracted a section from it and worked from that.
Lots of yellow and browns with a big white patch along the side.
Here is the stitched piece.
Not quite so much yellow and the bands of brown seemed to have changed to blue - lots of artistic license used  here !!
 I think I prefer these colours to the original paper - not really used to working with yellow. And I might chop off a bit of the white to make it less in your face.

The second paper was very Monet in style and colour. I really love blues and greens anyway so this was more 'me'.
This is the piece quilted. Layers of ice dyed fabrics and chiffons before free motion quilting.
Then as in the yellow one I have over painted the fabric with acrylics, mainly to add whites.
 Note the angle at the botton edge - yes I meant to do that.

Enjoy and pop on over to my blog for more explainations to the techniques I use.
Any ideas as to the binding would be useful , I'm not sure how I want to finish them.

Has anyone else done anything with their abstract paintings yet? Come on,  lets see please .

Sally xxxxx

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  1. I really like the second piece. I would also definitely face it.