Saturday, 10 May 2014

Monday - embellishment exploration day

Requirements list for Beads, tassels, cords, braids and ribbons Day
Please bring any or all of these depending on what you have to hand.
 Small beads 
Viscose embroidery threads, including variegated if you have any Thicker threads such as perle /wools
  Medium weight card and scalpel 
Sewing machine and feet including free machine embroidery foot 
Knitting needle or bodkin 
Glue stick 
Thin wire, if you have any 
Irons and extension leads, parchment paper or Teflon sheet 
Usual sewing kit

if you would rather continue with a project of your own, do bring that instead

There will also be an opportunity to add further layers to your Soy Wax pieces or start one if you missed out last time.

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